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Lockdown Day 39

Was wet today so we fell a bit behind on our 100km in 14 days. Also the puzzle made some minor gains. Sunday, y’know.

Daily posts

Lockdown Day 38

We walked around (Lake) Ngaroto in the morning. Plenty of people out and about on a beautiful day.

We had a flask of coffee to share at the end.

For lunch I prepared kofta with tabouleh from Hello Fresh to an appreciative audience.

After an afternoon of binge watching out for the walk to the redoubt and back. We’ve now clocked 32km in 4 days.

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Lockdown Day 37

The Guardian. May 1st 2020.

Do you think these guys would have got this far if they had been black?

That’s a rhetorical question of course, they’d have been shot.

Today our neighbours have a covered deck, our turn coming soon: