The Seinfeld Marathon

Besides the 100K in 14 days challenge Hania and I completed another marathon. We finished the whole 9 series of Seinfeld. I leave you with this because its buzzing around my head for days now, you might as well have it too.

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First New Zealand Visit

I first visited New Zealand in 1979 and again in 1980 but I’m not sure that I have photos, maybe somewhere. Of course it was a totally different experience then, a long trip too. Returning on BA 001 took something like 30 hours with stops (no getting off) in Sydney, Perth, Bombay and Frankfurt as I recall).

The cars were old and beaten up, “You’ve arrived in Auckland, please set your clocks back 20 years” as the old joke has it.

New Plymouth was the destination and seismic surveys over the Maui gas field. The 6 o’clock swill was still on. I’d never seen anything like it down at the dock bar in NP. The barmaid filling row upon row of pint glasses from a hose.

According to the article it was abolished in 1967 but not at the docks in New Plymouth I’m pretty sure – for the public bar anyway.

Hania and I came first in 2000 to see if it was a place we would like to settle in, hopefully our last move too. July was cold but clear for the most part and coming from Singapore we really appreciated it. We slept 10-12 hours for the most part – making up for the deficits of the previous 2 years – neither of us could sleep well there with the constant heat and humidity.

We were in a camper van and the first thing to buy was a hot air blower.

We arrived in Christchurch and our first stop was Akaroa – I still remember the fish and chips – a massive piece of blue cod and real potato chips.

Akaroa was originally settled by the French and the street names still recall that time – as does the graveyard.

Below is a bit of NZ history. Even in 2000 you could take your empty plastic coke bottle and fill at up with draft beer at the bottle shop.

I’m sure we have more photos from that trip somewhere because we travelled much of the central South Island in our 30 day stay.

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So the blog will become a bit more intermittent as we exit lockdown and will have reasonable freedom to move around now. I can even play tennis again.

Ana, Vicky and I completed our 100km in 14 days today. Mike took a photo but I don’t have it yet. We know every street in the village by now and I have had enough of Alexandra Redoubt for a while.

I have enjoyed the walks but I feel that I am due a break as I’ve also been doing some pretty heavy bush clearing on the property. Two more trees down today (small trees I hasten to add, I’m not all that good with a chain saw that I want to tackle anything big). Next project is a path down into the gully and I will be doing a bit of hauling soil around unless I can find some local friendly guy with a little machine.

Also no more jigsaw puzzles for a while.

This is the “mostly before” shot. Started on it but a way to go.
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Lockdown Day 46

Just Another Sunday in Godzone

Big walk this morning, Pirongia Mountain Nikau loop track.

What exactly is a gabion anyway?

We did walk to the shop and back as well so nearly 11km today in pursuit of our 100km in 14 days.

We were pretty tired.

We are still officially at Level 3 lockdown but as it has been over 10 days so hopefully tomorrow we will hear when we go to level 2 – which is less lockdown and more about stranger-danger.

Just be sure you can contact anyone you’ve met during the day.

On the way back Hania spotted a Tardis and there was also a fence full of old toothbrushes (anyone know of a connection between the two?).

I suppose it doesn’t have to be the Tardis, could just be an ordinary Police Box but we never checked inside.

I think I have had enough of jigsaw puzzles for a while too.

The edge piece wasn’t in the box and we will have a good look round for the other missing piece.
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Lockdown Day 45

Fog in the morning but cleared up to be a beautiful day. We walked around Ngaaroto again.

You don’t often see Pukeko off the ground. He was squawking like “Help, how do I get down from here”. They’re not great flyers.
Longest I’ve ever taken over a puzzle. Finally got the edge pieces fixed though. They were throwing the bottom right bit out.

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Lockdown Day 44

A week or two back Mike, Vicky and I joined sharesies at Mike’s suggestion. We’ve all invested in shares we think will grow (it’s a stock market app). So far we are breaking even with some good and some bad choices. Did I say bad? I meant shares with future long-term growth potential of course.

Yesterday I figured the move to level 2 would boost a couple of companies and guessed correctly so that’s good. However I also though that Air NZ and Auckland Airport shares wouldn’t sink any further. Ho Hum.

Sorted pieces by shape and filled a few gaps.
Dragonfly on “The Bridge of Doom” – entry to Alexandra Redoubt.

I also filed my tax return and am due far less than I thought since I already contribute PAYE on my superannuation. Woo hoo. So I ordered a single malt online and a honey bourbon for my sweetheart.

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Lockdown Day 43

Today we saw the outline of Level 2 restrictions. We can meet with people outside of our bubble. The key thing is that they be traceable, just in case. Therefore I think I will be able to play tennis again.

We will be able to travel outside our regions so can holiday in New Zealand as well. I don’t care so much about eateries really but I do feel the need to patronise our local places rather than see them go broke.

I already bought take away from our local cafe to help them out more than because I really needed a pork and apple sausage roll (delicious by the way).

I can get my hair cut.

I also believe we will be opening to other Covid-free nations in a little while and I could certainly take advantage of a week or two over in Western Australia.

Sorry to my friends and family in other places though, not having it so good. Winston Peters, surprisingly, is responsible for Jacinda and thus our current situation. Ah the joys of proportional representation.

I’m hoping jigsaw completion follows some kind of exponential rule, fewer pieces towards the end, therefore easier to spot where they go.

Stay safe everyone.

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Lockdown Day 42

Got a big blob of white done today.

The usual walk.

We’ve played eye-spy a lot on our recent walks and we are running out of new things to spy. So Ana had the bright idea of C for Crackly leaves. I mean it’s pretty good in one way but we did have a problem explaining how that wasn’t really fair – using descriptive words makes it just too hard.

We have had some good ones though, Ana came up with concrete today (kerb-stones and driveways) which we totally failed to guess.

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Lockdown Day 41

So the deck is all finished and the worker is just cleaning up.

Meanwhile I’ve also been busy.

Finally got that boob in place.

To be fair I also ordered materials today to finish the deck with a brick mowing strip and to re-seed the lawn (well, grass).

We also went for a 7.5km walk including 10 circuits of the redoubt.

Waipa River at Baffin Street, Pirongia.
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Lockdown Day 40

Still struggling on with it. One of the issues I discovered (apart from the picture being put diagonally on the box and running down the sides) is that the picture on the box doesn’t exactly match the puzzle anyway. Nice one.

Front deck finished but no picture yet, still needs a good clean with the water blaster. Be a bit of seeding to do too.