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South day 10

Sent a postcard to Ana.

The elder experience, Saturday morning pill sorting.

Aspirin to thin blood, clopidogrel to prevent clots, statin for chlorestorol, allupurinol for gout and metoprolol to slow heartbeat. Last sandfly that bit me dropped dead on the spot.

The weather looks changeable sunny first thing now a big storm on the horizon. Not so golden bay today.

After a bit of shopping for the day on Farewell Spit we hit Anatoki salmon farm. The hot-smoked salmon muffin was delicious, the doggy eyes irrestible.

We declined to go fishing for a salmon to smoke as we would have to take the whole fish and fridge space is limited.

On then to the famous Mussel Inn where we had, you guessed it, mussels again and, for me, a delicious pint of Captain Cook’ s recipe for home-brewed beer.

Near the end of the highway is Collingwood where we did not try to attempt to enter the local arty cafe because, well, nutters quite frankly.

Kooks Cafe sign warning vaxed persons to stay out – gladly.
It all makes sense now.

I just don’ t know how I missed all these connections, I have been blinded by my government.

This is one legacy of the Trump Disaster, suddenly kookery is mainstream and science is the enemy. Hundreds of years of progress down the toilet.

I understand it works in the USA, the UK and Brazil where politicians can’t be trusted to keep the general populace safe from a pandemic for reasons of their own but here in New Zealand where we have less than 30 Covid-related deaths? How bizarre.

ABs vs Oz at the Collingwood Hotel.
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It started during our 4-week lockdown but now I usually have a jigsaw puzzle on the go most of the time. It’s quite good because I can listen to the news or music or a game show and still do the puzzle.

There are masses of them out there and many of them are of excellent quality.

Hania bought one on our road trip in Thames which was quite difficult and had only one piece missing. It was a street scene from France.

I did actually complete it. Took about 6 weeks.

So then I got interested and looked around but the shops were all sold out of course.

One day while browsing I saw this and had to have it.

It’s a really high quality puzzle but completing those two dark/blue to black bits was a real challenge. I was reduced to shape sorting and trial and error that seemed to go on for weeks.

And then, horror!

I probably lost it myself somewhere but those lovely people at Pomegranite have said they will find it and send it to me when they have time. They are really busy over there in the USA as one can imagine.

So I couldn’t resist another from their collection.

Which I completed fairly quickly.

It was fun and both these puzzles gave me an increased insight into the art works as well. For example, I never noticed the lock of beautiful golden hair escaping from the tight bun of the female character – yearning for a little romance no doubt, or at the very least, wondering a bit about what might have been.

Not that puzzles is all I’ve been up to I hasten to add. There was the planter and the privacy screen, painting the decks, seeding the lawn, spring planting and generally sitting drinking beer watching the world go by. All very important jobs that needed doing

Basically we are still in lockdown although we do have a bigger space to play in now.

Hopefully we will travel again soon.

Meanwhile, the contrast between our little election and that over in the US couldn’t be giganticer (yes, I know that’s not a real word). Just watched the final debate between Jacinda ‘Cindy’ Ardern and Judith ‘Crusher’ Collins having watched what Dana Bash called a “shitshow” live on CNN. Potty-mouth Dana – but you do understand where she’s coming from.

There was actual debate of the issues, there was some, but not a lot, of cross-talking. There was only one real flash point over Collins insisting that Ardern would be forced into a “wealth tax” by going into coalition with the Greens. The Green Party, I love them but they do have a habit of making crazy social and economic policies that would never fly. Perhaps one day they will take to heart that politics is the art of the possible. Perhaps one day the Bernie babes will too. One assumes (hopes) that they learned their lesson last time around. All it takes for Trumpism to triumph is … and blah blah blah.

Anyway half the electorate in NZ have already early voted. The numerous polling stations have more staff in them than voters. No queues for us.

Maybe, just maybe, we will legalise cannabis although the polls say no. The only strong feeling I have is that they are quite attactive plants to grow, Hania will be happier and poor people won’t have either to pay hundreds of dollars to get a medical prescription or buy a dangerous synthetic made in a backroom somewhere.

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Lockdown Day 37

The Guardian. May 1st 2020.

Do you think these guys would have got this far if they had been black?

That’s a rhetorical question of course, they’d have been shot.

Today our neighbours have a covered deck, our turn coming soon:

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Lockdown Day 34

Thank goodness for Netflix. When did actual TV become so bad that almost no-one can watch it anymore? Twenty minutes of terrible ads to break up 40 minutes of reality shows. OK Survivor was fun at the beginning, a new concept that didn’t suck too badly. You were interested in the people and their problems and challenges. Working together, solving problems, playing politics in microcosm.

But now there are shows about people that make cakes, bake bread, cook extraordinarily basic meals, even run a funeral home. Seriously who cares?

Where are the hard-hitting docos about the important subjects, wherever you stand politically? What about the Obama administration saying it’s legal to kill someone with a drone (not just anyone of course, someone who doesn’t look like you or pray like you) if the POTUS orders it so? Where is the real journalism uncovering the realities of our crony capitalist societies and our supposedly democratic oligarchies?

Does no-one care that a very rich man can buy up state-fulls of radio stations to tell you lies?

Where is the news coverage of a war that doesn’t have to have a journalist in dress-up. Why do we have close-up video of demonstrations to hide the fact that maybe a few tens of idiots are standing around playing with guns and flags? The truth, unvarnished, is what we deserve.

Why haven’t we followed up on cold-blooded murders of journalists and civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Malta and so on. Because that was yesterday’s news and we don’t care anymore because there’s something else happening today.

Snowden? You don’t care, really, if you turn into a surveillance state because you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide (the biggest lie of all).

The revolution will not be televised.

Seriously though. Doing a puzzle like this gives you sad/mad thoughts.