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South day 10

Sent a postcard to Ana.

The elder experience, Saturday morning pill sorting.

Aspirin to thin blood, clopidogrel to prevent clots, statin for chlorestorol, allupurinol for gout and metoprolol to slow heartbeat. Last sandfly that bit me dropped dead on the spot.

The weather looks changeable sunny first thing now a big storm on the horizon. Not so golden bay today.

After a bit of shopping for the day on Farewell Spit we hit Anatoki salmon farm. The hot-smoked salmon muffin was delicious, the doggy eyes irrestible.

We declined to go fishing for a salmon to smoke as we would have to take the whole fish and fridge space is limited.

On then to the famous Mussel Inn where we had, you guessed it, mussels again and, for me, a delicious pint of Captain Cook’ s recipe for home-brewed beer.

Near the end of the highway is Collingwood where we did not try to attempt to enter the local arty cafe because, well, nutters quite frankly.

Kooks Cafe sign warning vaxed persons to stay out – gladly.
It all makes sense now.

I just don’ t know how I missed all these connections, I have been blinded by my government.

This is one legacy of the Trump Disaster, suddenly kookery is mainstream and science is the enemy. Hundreds of years of progress down the toilet.

I understand it works in the USA, the UK and Brazil where politicians can’t be trusted to keep the general populace safe from a pandemic for reasons of their own but here in New Zealand where we have less than 30 Covid-related deaths? How bizarre.

ABs vs Oz at the Collingwood Hotel.

The Seinfeld Marathon

Besides the 100K in 14 days challenge Hania and I completed another marathon. We finished the whole 9 series of Seinfeld. I leave you with this because its buzzing around my head for days now, you might as well have it too.

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Lockdown Day 36

Finally, looks like we get the decks done. However, new drainage first.

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Lockdown Day 15

Another busy one today but also a very sad one, one of my heroes died today.

I first heard John Prine on John Peel around 1971 or 1972 when, as a student, I had a lot of time for listening to music. The tracks were from his first album and memorable right from the start for a wannabe hippy. Sam Stone: “There’s a hole in Daddy’s arm where all the money goes”, “Sam Stone was alone when he popped his last balloon”, Your Flag Decal Won’t get you into Heaven any More: “while digesting Reader’s Digest in the back of a dirty book store, a plastic flag with gum on the back fell onto the floor”, Hello in There: “We lost Davy in the Korean War, I still don’t know what for, don’t matter anymore, old trees just grow stronger, old rivers grow wilder every day, old people just get lonesome waiting for someone to say “Hello in There, Hello””.

Of course, looking back at this video in particular it’s hard not to see the comparison with the young Bob Dylan (who was a fan and anonymously played harmonica on one of Prine’s gigs).

I never really made that connection at the time, for me John Prine was a country singer with a real feel for injustice and the forgotten in society. Never thought I’d be a fan of country music I have to say.

I only realised later on that Paradise and Muhlenberg country was about the area where he grew up and the Daddy in the song was his own father.

I leave you with what John Prine described as his favourite song, real country but unrequited love or a relationship turning sour is something most of us can relate to. “A question ain’t really a question if you know the answer too”.