Jan/Feb 2022

First month done and dusted for the year and into the first week of the second. As it was the summer holidays there were a lot of new memories made. The summer has been so warm this year, the cats are really feeling it.

We went away to Taupo for a long weekend and had lots of fun, went out for dinner at The Plateau, went to the Prawn Park and a Petting Zoo.

Long days at the Beach and blueberry picking, so much blueberry picking. Mike got a pizza oven for his Birthday and I got a Paint by Numbers.

Lots of cooking done, Mike unfortunately has learnt how to make amazing bread and also unfortunately keeps making amazing bread and I cooked my first turkey (forgot to take an after photo … it was pretty good) and I learnt about salt brining.

Dad and I built a trench and set up his automatic watering system, which will be extended at some point up to the chicken coop, we did a good job and my poor ladylike hands got a blister.

We went to visit Aspen, who is the bestest goodest most wonderful dog in the whole wide world and is my ticket to convincing Mike to get one of our own and a photo of my water baby.

And to finish up, the obligatory first day of school photo – Year 4!!

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