South Again – Day 28/29

An overcast day with a little, thin drizzle. After a splendid breakfast at the Neighbourhood Cafe we set out for Lake Wairarapa.

The granola was amazing.

We followed the signs to Lake Ferry which turns out to be on Lake Onoke where it meets the Southern Ocean at Palliser Bay.

We were watching a stick being tossed about on the incoming waves when it suddenly grew a flipper. Eventually a young sea lion hauled itself up the opposite beach.

We had lunch on our balcony finishing up the last of our food. Then to the Margrain Winery where we first stayed in Martinborough perhaps 17 years ago. We bought a six pack of decent wine.

Nga Waka vineyard.

In the evening we ate in the restaurant, steak at last, then rolled into bed.

End of the holiday really (next day), one stop for a delicious soup on the road home.

A good cafe between Hunterville and Taihape.

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