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I have a number of photos that I have used as desktops on various computers. Most of them hold some memory or have a background of some meaning for me. The quality of the photos however, is quite variable.

In this occasional series I will describe some of those. We might sub-title this one “tranquility”.

Dawn breaks over Angkor Wat as the chattering crowds gather. Their talk is mostly drowned out by the din of crickets. Few notice the young monk who has also come for the view.
Ta Prohm in the days when crowds were few, late afternoon with the day cooling down. Lucky enough to see it in 1999 and had it mostly to myself.
On the trans-Siberian in Inner Mongolia, headed towards Ulan Bator. Long train journeys are great getaways with a sense of timelessness that air travel could never equal.
A riverside cafe, a snack made of river weed, a beer and watching the sun set over the Mekong River in Vientiane.
The sole campers, Hania and I, at Spirits Bay in the far north of New Zealand on Christmas Eve 2002. No cellphone coverage, cold water, a long drop and a beach that stretched as far as the eye could see. Heaven. At least until the possum screamed in the middle of the night.
The home of Frederick Chopin at Zelazowa Wola, Poland. A great place to visit and, if you are lucky, someone will play the piano as you relax on the terrace or stroll round the grounds.

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