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NZ Reaches Level 1

So, we have had no new cases for, I think, 28 days now and there isn’t anyone in NZ who has Covid 19. With no foreign tourists, the campervan people have greatly reduced their prices. So now we decided is a great time to get out on the road.

Level 1 officially starts only at midnight tonight but in our travels on the road we have see a lot of level 1 behaviour.

Ana came for our first night so that was fun for all. Although Ana was a bit reluctant about the walking stuff.

Still it was fun in the van.

Since we took her back home we’ve spent two days in Coromandel and now moved on to Red Beach north of Auckland.

Tomorrow we’ll go further north, maybe Russell or the Kari Kari Peninsula

Development eLearning Perspectives Portfolio

An Ethics Training Storyline

The challenge was a makeover of a piece of US government web-based training:

NOTE: This is not a complete course, just enough to give an idea.

This will give you a flavor of the original site:

With this kind of thing you do need to take into account the conservative nature of government departments, generally speaking, so we can’t go full crazy on such a topic (also it is a rather serious and even relevant topic in the current situation).

To start with I thought that a menu-based navigation system would be better and rather than the standard titles, perhaps some prompting questions for the user:

The orange bars change when the slide sequences have been visited.

I also thought some little videos might give it a more modern feel:

Video is part of the who is it for sequence.

Next I thought to ask the question about filing before the sequence on information about filing financial disclosure information. I feel this is a better approach pedagogically.

A simple drag and drop.

Of course I’m assuming we are preparing for a browser-based tablet or desktop use, if we wanted to go to a mobile phone we might do something else.