An Ethics Training Storyline

The challenge was a makeover of a piece of US government web-based training:

NOTE: This is not a complete course, just enough to give an idea.

This will give you a flavor of the original site:

With this kind of thing you do need to take into account the conservative nature of government departments, generally speaking, so we can’t go full crazy on such a topic (also it is a rather serious and even relevant topic in the current situation).

To start with I thought that a menu-based navigation system would be better and rather than the standard titles, perhaps some prompting questions for the user:

The orange bars change when the slide sequences have been visited.

I also thought some little videos might give it a more modern feel:

Video is part of the who is it for sequence.

Next I thought to ask the question about filing before the sequence on information about filing financial disclosure information. I feel this is a better approach pedagogically.

A simple drag and drop.

Of course I’m assuming we are preparing for a browser-based tablet or desktop use, if we wanted to go to a mobile phone we might do something else.

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