South day 10

Sent a postcard to Ana.

The elder experience, Saturday morning pill sorting.

Aspirin to thin blood, clopidogrel to prevent clots, statin for chlorestorol, allupurinol for gout and metoprolol to slow heartbeat. Last sandfly that bit me dropped dead on the spot.

The weather looks changeable sunny first thing now a big storm on the horizon. Not so golden bay today.

After a bit of shopping for the day on Farewell Spit we hit Anatoki salmon farm. The hot-smoked salmon muffin was delicious, the doggy eyes irrestible.

We declined to go fishing for a salmon to smoke as we would have to take the whole fish and fridge space is limited.

On then to the famous Mussel Inn where we had, you guessed it, mussels again and, for me, a delicious pint of Captain Cook’ s recipe for home-brewed beer.

Near the end of the highway is Collingwood where we did not try to attempt to enter the local arty cafe because, well, nutters quite frankly.

Kooks Cafe sign warning vaxed persons to stay out – gladly.
It all makes sense now.

I just don’ t know how I missed all these connections, I have been blinded by my government.

This is one legacy of the Trump Disaster, suddenly kookery is mainstream and science is the enemy. Hundreds of years of progress down the toilet.

I understand it works in the USA, the UK and Brazil where politicians can’t be trusted to keep the general populace safe from a pandemic for reasons of their own but here in New Zealand where we have less than 30 Covid-related deaths? How bizarre.

ABs vs Oz at the Collingwood Hotel.

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