Lockdown Day 34

Thank goodness for Netflix. When did actual TV become so bad that almost no-one can watch it anymore? Twenty minutes of terrible ads to break up 40 minutes of reality shows. OK Survivor was fun at the beginning, a new concept that didn’t suck too badly. You were interested in the people and their problems and challenges. Working together, solving problems, playing politics in microcosm.

But now there are shows about people that make cakes, bake bread, cook extraordinarily basic meals, even run a funeral home. Seriously who cares?

Where are the hard-hitting docos about the important subjects, wherever you stand politically? What about the Obama administration saying it’s legal to kill someone with a drone (not just anyone of course, someone who doesn’t look like you or pray like you) if the POTUS orders it so? Where is the real journalism uncovering the realities of our crony capitalist societies and our supposedly democratic oligarchies?

Does no-one care that a very rich man can buy up state-fulls of radio stations to tell you lies?

Where is the news coverage of a war that doesn’t have to have a journalist in dress-up. Why do we have close-up video of demonstrations to hide the fact that maybe a few tens of idiots are standing around playing with guns and flags? The truth, unvarnished, is what we deserve.

Why haven’t we followed up on cold-blooded murders of journalists and civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Malta and so on. Because that was yesterday’s news and we don’t care anymore because there’s something else happening today.

Snowden? You don’t care, really, if you turn into a surveillance state because you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide (the biggest lie of all).

The revolution will not be televised.

Seriously though. Doing a puzzle like this gives you sad/mad thoughts.

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