Lockdown Day 44

A week or two back Mike, Vicky and I joined sharesies at Mike’s suggestion. We’ve all invested in shares we think will grow (it’s a stock market app). So far we are breaking even with some good and some bad choices. Did I say bad? I meant shares with future long-term growth potential of course.

Yesterday I figured the move to level 2 would boost a couple of companies and guessed correctly so that’s good. However I also though that Air NZ and Auckland Airport shares wouldn’t sink any further. Ho Hum.

Sorted pieces by shape and filled a few gaps.
Dragonfly on “The Bridge of Doom” – entry to Alexandra Redoubt.

I also filed my tax return and am due far less than I thought since I already contribute PAYE on my superannuation. Woo hoo. So I ordered a single malt online and a honey bourbon for my sweetheart.

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