Lockdown Day 46

Just Another Sunday in Godzone

Big walk this morning, Pirongia Mountain Nikau loop track.

What exactly is a gabion anyway?

We did walk to the shop and back as well so nearly 11km today in pursuit of our 100km in 14 days.

We were pretty tired.

We are still officially at Level 3 lockdown but as it has been over 10 days so hopefully tomorrow we will hear when we go to level 2 – which is less lockdown and more about stranger-danger.

Just be sure you can contact anyone you’ve met during the day.

On the way back Hania spotted a Tardis and there was also a fence full of old toothbrushes (anyone know of a connection between the two?).

I suppose it doesn’t have to be the Tardis, could just be an ordinary Police Box but we never checked inside.

I think I have had enough of jigsaw puzzles for a while too.

The edge piece wasn’t in the box and we will have a good look round for the other missing piece.

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