So the blog will become a bit more intermittent as we exit lockdown and will have reasonable freedom to move around now. I can even play tennis again.

Ana, Vicky and I completed our 100km in 14 days today. Mike took a photo but I don’t have it yet. We know every street in the village by now and I have had enough of Alexandra Redoubt for a while.

I have enjoyed the walks but I feel that I am due a break as I’ve also been doing some pretty heavy bush clearing on the property. Two more trees down today (small trees I hasten to add, I’m not all that good with a chain saw that I want to tackle anything big). Next project is a path down into the gully and I will be doing a bit of hauling soil around unless I can find some local friendly guy with a little machine.

Also no more jigsaw puzzles for a while.

This is the “mostly before” shot. Started on it but a way to go.

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