Lockdown Day 5

They say it’s something like bereavement which may seem like a very silly comment to anyone who has recently lost a loved one. This bubble living that is. For sure there are mood swings, a sense of loss, some hysteria perhaps and many false notes of gaiety.

I’m thinking about chalk marks on the wall or maybe a big block with the number of days to go so we can cross them off one by one and have a sense of a goal worth reaching.

Finding things to engage Ana is becoming a little worry – not yet a great challenge. Of course she is bored and misses her friends. Grandad and Bun Bun are no substitute really.

However, we did start on a Treasure Box today and Ana will carry on painting that tomorrow.

I was quite busy today setting out the third of our garden beds (family graves as Hania calls them).

Our neighbour’s cows are very interested in our lettuces. At least they are better than the horse which pulled up my rose bush.

So far things are looking pretty good here in NZ in terms of cases and especially deaths. However, once the worst is past I’m not sure how we manage as a country dependent on tourism. I mean after 4 weeks hopefully we have beaten this thing here.

I suppose we will have to get used to checking people at the border and damping down any hotspots as quickly as we can.

Plenty of police presence on the streets which is good. Checking on tourists and freedom campers who just need to do the right thing.

We watch the news conferences. Donald Trump compared to Jacinda Ardern. I heard somewhere a comparison about Dads and Mums. For me it’s the crazy Uncle vs the firm but fair Mum. Our health and police leaders are adults as well, very comforting in a crisis.

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