Lockdown Day 7

This morning’s walk took us to Pirongia (Alexandra) cenetery which is on a nearby hill. As these things go it is a pretty spot. Hania and Ana spent a lot of time looking at the individual graves, their ornaments and messages.

It also has a fine view of kakepuku ( swollen stomach of Kahu ) which is a decent climb/walk which I did with James last time he was here. I was shocked at my condition, had to stop at least 20 times on the way up and yes, I haven’t done anything about that either.

Ana and Hania.

The afternoon wasn’t as exciting, Minecraft with Ana and sorting out which of my backup discs still have meaningful data on them. Well, the question has to be meaningful to who?

I still have all my IB Notes from St Julian’s from 1995 for example.

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