Lockdown Day 12

OK, really running out of puff on the blog by now. Was a quiet day with work for me to do.

News today that we will see out the full 4 weeks at Level 4 and there is a new cluster in Christchurch around a rest home, hope they are all OK. They moved a number of people to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Some dud sneezed and coughed on people in a supermarket so he could put the “prank” on video on Facebook. Out on bail, I don’t know why he isn’t locked up.

We are seeing more “essential” goods coming on to the market via online delivery and there is talk of going to work on infrastructure projects. The “curve” here is pretty flat at this point and no more deaths although there is a possible second case in Wellington.

We are lucky to have had good leadership so far.

Happy times, Ger Camp in Mongolia on our trans-Siberian trip.

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