Lockdown Day 16

Good Friday today so not much work for anyone. Spent the morning playing with Camtasia.

Then a walk before lunch.

Today’s Walk

An afternoon of Minecraft before dinner. Traditional fare of herrings, potatoes and vodka.

Friends in the time of Covid-19

Letter from Janne Ritskes, Tabitha Cambodia.

Dear friends and partners,

During this difficult period of the Covid 19 pandemic, life is rather uncertain for all of us. There is so much chatter, so many dire warnings that a person could begin to think that the world is coming to an end. So many fears and so much trembling.

In Cambodia life is as uncertain as everywhere else. For many it is a time of losing your income, losing your jobs – of tightening your belts – it’s a time of worry over things where they have no control. Despite all this, they know how to live with things they do have control over.

In Kampong Channang Sak Pov a mother of four started saving with Tabitha a year ago. She had a lifelong dream – a dream which would put food on the table and food for sale – not just any food but food that is grown organically. It took her a year to save to buy all she needed – a year of planning and buying step by step all that she needed to begin her small organic farm.

That dream has become a reality. She worked hard – she dreamt hard. Her vision is happening.

The Covid 19 epidemic is in Cambodia. Sak Pov has heard of it as have all our families. They know to keep a social distance and to wash their hands. But the difference is that their dreams have not stopped. They don’t have social security or unemployment insurance – nor do they have access to good medical care. What they do have is dreams and savings and the vision and strength to carry out those dreams. They know how to save – they know how to live day by day despite all threats to their well-being – they know how to make their dreams happen.

I thank my God for the lessons that people like Sak Pov teach me – to be content in all things – to have dreams and to save and work to make those dreams come true. I thank my God for each of you – who stand with people like Sak Pov for whom the Covid virus is a threat but not a threat large enough to stop living and dreaming and saving. I wish all of you to stay safe in this difficult time – to dream and save and make your dreams come true. That would be so wonderful.


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