Lockdown Day 18

Easter Sunday, except that we are holding Easter over until tomorrow so Mike can share it with us, he’s worked the past few days on the front line.

We have a whole lamb rack of ribs from the neighbours which I’ve never cooked before so tomorrow should be interesting. It’s not like the tiny racks I’ve cooked in the past, this was a sizeable animal.

Cleared up that front patch of the garden I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, looks pretty good. Mary Beadle was right about the palms, I left them and cleaned of the old leaves and pulled out the undergrowth as well.

Lucky that Bromley and Mary decided on February for their trip.

Just watched The Leisure Seeker with Hania. Makes you want to grab a Winnebago and drive right across the country. One day soon, before it’s too late.

Today’s pop quiz: What is this?

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