Lockdown Day 29

Interesting walk today, a long one. We have a pavement artist across the road:

Saturday is Anzac Day (also 25th April is a special day in Portugal)

Vinte e Cinco de Abril Bridge
It even has a bridge named after it. Well Salazar originally but y’know…

A couple more ideas for Anzac Day

We walked down a country road.

And we phoned in a fire emergency call.

That smudge was pretty bright and pretty tall irl. Too big to be a bonfire anyway.

Looks like the puzzle has an edge piece missing but the rest looks OK now.

Actual size is 740 by 350.

I was sitting watching the scrolling news banner on CNN for about 5 minutes then I went back to the puzzle. All the pieces seemed to be moving around – really freaked me out.

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