Lockdown Day 8

The day started slowly with some boules but that didn’t last long. Back inside to watch Ice Age on TV. I had a video meet with James and some of his friends but had to break off to test some other VC solution which our Moodle partner is trying to roll out.

Some other bits and pieces of work dribbled in as well.

Later on we made pierogi

Making pierogi is hard work but they were good.

Ana played Minecraft later and we learnt how to ride and armor a horse.

More ESO with Vicky in the evening.

What is “the economy”and who does it work for?

I’m wondering if our world will be the same after this passes. Hopefully we will understand that we don’t really need all that much stuff all the time.

Also perhaps we will come to believe that if billions of dollars can be found all around the world to bail out workers, businesses and the economy a few millions more might be found to help the most needy in our communities.

New Zealand has a shocking rate of child poverty, for example, yet we can bail out toy manufacturers, clothing factories, fast food outlets and so on and so on.

Under austerity health service and education spending had to be cut back (for example). We just found 4 billion or more to prop up “the economy” and support people who no longer have work.

Imagine a political party going to the polls with a proposal like that. They just did in the UK and got slaughtered. Go figure.

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