Lockdown Day 10

Note to self, avoid the temptation to laze around in bed until mid-morning. I just feel worse by adding guilt to the general mix.

So I got up at 8 had breakfast and watered the garden (still looking at a drought situation here).

My shed (assembled with Mike’s help – took us all day to get the basic shed up).

I tackled an area of overgrown gully where I’m thinking of laying a path and tidied up the hedge cuttings from a couple of weeks ago. I bought a chipper but sadly it doesn’t work well unless the wood is really dry.

I forgot to take a “before” picture so believe it or not this is after:

There are a few apples left on the apple tree after the possums and other baddies have been at them and they are really big, the photo doesn’t do them justice really:

Crisp and juicy!

Completed a bit more of the jigsaw puzzle after “breakfast for lunch”.

Might need a longer lockdown to get it finished.

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