Lockdown Day 26

How lucky are we to have Jacinda as a leader at this time? Watching the senile ramblings of certain other leaders makes me so glad to be here.

So we go for another week and then open up a bit. Good to see construction getting underway and an expansion of online services. If you think about it it is actually the way forward. Why have 100 people going to a big box store when they can have one, hopefully fuel efficient or electric vehicle, bring stuff to you.

People will argue that this doesn’t apply to everyone. Of course, we have people out in the back blocks with little or no internet and lacking other facilities. That doesn’t negate the application of the concept to the majority.

Maybe this pandemic will bring about a better use of limited resources? Let’s see. I have found out, and presumably others have too, I can live without an awful lot of the stuff I’ve been doing (and buying).

Looking forward to going further afield though – probably the beach is too far away but at least we have the mountain and bush walks.

More importantly than all that I have had to backtrack on the jigsaw because the traditional approach wasn’t working. I had all three sides and 3/4 of the other completed when I realised I didn’t have the correct pieces to finish and that very minor differences meant that, though an edge looked like a perfect fit, it was still in the wrong place.

So I have to make sure the next row in also fits and this is really tedious.

You can see here that, given the edge pieces only there is a range of pieces that would slot neatly into the edge but only one that then also fits the next layer up.

Fortunately the top and bottom next layer in pieces all have a white stripe on the edge which helps a bit but it is slow going. Even then some of those next layer in ones don’t have any other pattern on them.

“Neurocognitive disorders are an important societal challenge and the need for early prevention is increasingly recognized. Meta-analyses show beneficial effects of cognitive activities on cognition. However, high financial costs, low intrinsic motivation, logistic challenges of group-based activities, or the need to operate digital devices prevent their widespread application in clinical practice. Solving jigsaw puzzles is a cognitive activity without these hindering characteristics, but cognitive effects have not been investigated yet. With this study, we aim to evaluate the effect of solving jigsaw puzzles on visuospatial cognition, daily functioning, and psychological outcomes.”


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