Lockdown Day 25

More detail on maybe coming out of Level 4, cabinet to decide tomorrow. Only 9 new cases today and all traced to contacts.

Apart for that it was ice creams and wii dance again

Who let the chucks out?

This puzzle we may never solve, at least it is the right way round now.

Hania reminded me that we bought it in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona when we wandered down a side street. Barcelona was relatively quiet then (mid 80’s probably). Certainly one of our favourites and contender for one of the great cities of the world.

However, there are so many nice regional cities in Spain where you can wander, people watch and eat I wonder why you would ever go to the Costa del Sol.

Wikipedia tells me the El Guernica, the original, is in the Museu Reina Sofia in Madrid.

On a vaguely related note I’m quite happy that they took Franco out of the Valle de los Caídos he didn’t really belong there. I remember visiting with Filipe and thinking about all those descendants of the forced labourers, how they would feel about it.

Ah well, all a long time ago now. The wheels grind slowly but they do keep going.

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