South Day 16

The day starts cold and damp, raining again but clearing later, they say. Time for a bit of house-keeping.

We are in limbo still and won t know if we can travel tomorrow until later today. So far no cases outside Auckland or Coromandel but is it just a matter of time given the large number of locations of interest involved.

Dog Stream Reserve Panoramic

So the Lockdown will continue for 4 more days and we have 48 hours now to get home or risk being stuck in Hanmer Springs indefinitely, given that from Level 4 we still go to Level 3 anyway.

Ferry booked for tomorrow, leave here at 7AM, get into Wellington at 6PM and likely will drive straight home getting in in the early hours.

Holiday hasn’ t worked out exactly as planned but things could be worse and we have had a good time.

Better get the van in good shape to travel!

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