Week 1 of lockdown 2

Here we are again in week 1 with a few hundred cases of Covid 19 – more than we had in lockdown 1 so delta shows its teeth. However, looks like we are not having exponential growth at this point.

Also all of the cases reported today are in Auckland and the total case load elsewhere is 14 (Wellington). So as long as everyone does the right thing it should not spread further.

Whatever overseas commentators may think 70% or more of Kiwis are happy with the government’s strategy. We don’t want to kill our citizens and our economy is still doing well.

Yesterday there was a call for protest in Queen Street, Auckland. One person showed up and the Police sent him home with a quiet word.

In our bubble we are walking regularly and there are new things in the neighbourhood, such as people working on their sections and growing animals.

Matakitaki Pá lies at the confluence of the Waipa River and the Mangapiko Stream.

Some people like to jump about.

I have the video in case I need it for TikTok.

With some rare foresight I ordered a few new jigsaw puzzles last month. Ana chose Jelly Bean Hill by Darlene Kulig (love Pomegranite).

We also baked this week and made a robot arm. Ana has schoolwork in the mornings via Zoom.

A move to Level 3 probable next week and if no community spread in this part of the country maybe Level 2 by next weekend.

Very satisfying aesthetic, only 500-pieces but it was fun just the same.

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