South Again – Day 13

Today we drove straight to the entrance to the Caitlins at Fortrose where we stopped for coffee and to fill up with relatively cheap diesel at the cafe.

I bought Hania a possum fur.

She will be glad of it next week I’m thinking.

Then a short drive to Curio Bay where there are fossil trees, a nice sandy beach and dolphins in the bay.

Hard to capture on an iPhone but there were half a dozen jumping, sometimes quite near shore. I had a brisk walk along the beautiful sandy beach before lunch.

We faffed around at the campsite, finally deciding on a spot which then turned out to be booked.

so back in the van and sure enough there was a free site just down the road in Waikawa.

There was a nice bush walk nearby.

It wasn’t penguin time but we saw them back in 2000. Worth a visit.

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