South Again – Day 2

Today I looked up the exact date we returned from the last trip an was surprised to find it was August 23rd. When someone asked me today when we were last here I said November. Not sure what that signifies, the passage of time speeding up maybe.

Anyway the Littel Motel was dead quiet and at least I slept well.

We had about an hour’s drive into Wellington and by the time we got here all the protesters had been moved on and it was one of those wonderful Wellington days when the wind is light and the sun shining. Citizens were enjoying their reclaimed streets and quays. We had coffee sitting in the bright mid-morning sunshine.

The Beehive – parliament building in the background.

There were a few non-mask wearers on the ferry but we took a cabin so didn’t have to mingle.

We were bit delayed but arrived in Picton about 6:30 PM and have a little unit in the Top 10 near the marina. A few tapas to round out the evening.

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