South Again – Day 9

Today was a day to explore Wanaka. We went into town and walked the lakefront before heading for a big mug of coffee at the Trout Restaurant.

Shopping in the nearby New World as usual we went for an item or two and came out with a couple of bags full.

We then headed out to Beacon Point and nabbed a few hours in the sun as well as walking along to the Wanaka lake outlet where it empties into the Clutha River.

We then decided to find laundromat, hurried back to the camp to take showers and had drinks at a dreadful bar (don’t go to Post Office Lane in Wanaka unless you’re having a night with the lads) with awful service and bad beer/cider.

Finally spagbol at the motor camp, not exactly gourmet but after a full day, we didn’t care.

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