South Again – Day 17

This morning my intention was to walk to Sandfly Bay. We drove to the path, a good road in fact, and I walked as far as the viewpoint.

However the track goes by the dunes at the back and walkers are asked not to go onto the beach as penguins might be disturbed. They are just finishing their annual moult.

We then drove towards Ocean Grove which had a lagoon and looked a likely spot for bird- watching. It is actually suburban, so we decided to go to Aramoana instead.

Dunedin & Port Chalmers
Aramoana Spit

From here you can walk the mole at the entrance to Otago Harbour. At the end were some seal juveniles and a seagull colony.

We decided to camp at the picnic spot nearby.
In the afternoon I walked another beach but no sea lions or seals today. Just sand, seaweed, birds and rocks with holes in them.

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