South Again – Day 20

What next and where to go? We read about Maniapouri but it’s half a day there and another back, with a few days left it didn’t seem worth it.

We headed out to Twizel again for coffee and cake at Hydro Cafe. Also popped into the Twizel Bookshop (shout out – fabulous microbookstore). Umm, the store is small the books are normal size.

Don’t have a photo of Hydro Cafe

In the end we decided on Lake Ohau and the Round Bush Camp. Lovely site down by the shore but lots of bities (funny Judd didn’t mention that). All part of the experience I guess.

Seeing the weather forecast we wished we had stayed in the far South but then we wouldn’t have had a fab afternoon catching up with friends. C’est la vie. View from the van this arvo.

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